Teacher Tells Students To Clap Their Hands - Now Keep Your Eyes On The Little Boy In Blue

A smile is said to be the best medicine, but this excited little boy is giving everyone more than their daily dose of the giggles during their weekly music class! As soon as his teacher starts playing her guitar, an enormous smile breaks over his face and he can't stop laughing!

 He asks her to play faster and laughs hysterically when she happily obliges. Before he knows it, his laughter has spread to almost all of the other students and the entire class is giggling, smiling and clapping along with their teacher's music! This is what music class is supposed to be like!

If this video is any indication of the future, it's clear to see that this little guy will love music for the rest of his life! Everything about his teacher's fun guitar playing makes him smile, or just bust out in pure joyous laughter! We never want his bubbly attitude to change!

[Source: Youtube]

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