Someone Has Put Melania Trump's Speech Through A Plagiarism Checker

Remember when you were still at school and you'd hear the Heartbeat theme tune come on the telly around 7pm and then the Sunday night dread would kick in?
All of a sudden you'd become extremely concerned about all the homework you hadn't done after not giving a flying fuck for the duration of the weekend.
You'd frantically log on to MSN and then beg your mates to please send over whatever they'd done and then swear that you wouldn't copy it word for word because mama didn't raise no fool and you didn't want to take the piss by making it dead obvious.
If only Melania Trump and her speechwriters had been so wise when she delivered a speech at the Republican National Convention on Monday night.
The 46-year-old, who is married to Presidential candidate Donald Trump, was called out for 'plagiarizing' Michelle Obama's 2008 speech which the current First Lady gave at the Democratic National Convention in Denver.
LA journalist Jarrett Hill pointed out the huge similarities on Twitter. 
Have a look for yourself...
The Washingtonian then ran certain paragraph's from her speech through a comparison plagiarism checker, Small SEO Tools and the results showed she'd actually taken some lines directly from Michelle's speech. What a little rascal.

"The first half of the excerpt came in at 46 percent non-unique, while the next few sentences registered at 44 percent non-unique," wrote The Washingtonian.
How the hell did she think she could get away with that?

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