Soldier Stands Alone In A Cemetery On A Snowy Day. Now Watch What The Camera Catches Him Doing

Arlington National Cemetery is a sacred ground in the United States. There’s an emotional aura whenever you enter because of its meaning to Americans. The cemetery is 624 acres in size, and white headstones of deceased soldiers span the entire grounds. Many of the soldiers date all the way back to the Civil War. It’s a reminder of the sacrifice the brave men and women of our country have committed in order for us to have a better tomorrow.
 That’s why the video below is so gripping. SSG Jesse Tubb, a bugle player in the United States Army Band, stands in the middle of Arlington National Cemetery and plays “Taps.” He plays the song in the middle of summer, but then the video transitions and shows SSG Drew Fremder playing “Taps” in the middle of winter. It’s a beautiful reminder of how honoring those who sacrificed for our freedom never truly stops.
“Taps” has been played at military functions ever since the Civil War. It’s often used to honor a soldier at a military funeral.
[Source: Youtube]

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