She Finds Him On Her Doorstep. But When He Comes Inside And Does This? Whoa...

When Rocky the dog turned up on his new mom and great-grandmother’s doorstep at just 5 weeks old, he seemed like a goner.

He was severely malnourished, his fur was all matted down, and his insides were crawling with worms.

Thanks to his rescuer, Imgur user tayknox007‘s diligent care though, Rocky made it through his ordeal alive and ready to reveal his remarkable gift.

Before finding Rocky, his new mom had been on a downward spiral, completely overcome by her own anxiety and depression. As Rocky healed, this little dog began behaving in a curious way with regard to his new mom’s dark thoughts.

Any time her mind or body would start succumbing to her inner demons, Rocky would appear right by her side, there to distract her out of the darkness.

He’d nuzzle and lick the pain away, helping his savior escape her own traumas.

These two have been with each other through it all, and their bond is a beautiful reminder that true companionship is shared between hearts, regardless of species.

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 For the first 5 weeks of little Rocky the dog’s life, the end seemed near.
 He turned up on Imgur user tayknox007‘s great-grandmother’s doorstep, hair matted, body weak from starvation, his insides riddled with worms, and his outsides covered in fleas.
 Bath by bath, combing by combing, Rocky’s new mother nursed her precious pup back to good health.

Interestingly enough, though, his presence was about to do the same for her.
 Before Rocky came along, his new mom was spiraling into the worst depression of her life.
Her native Georgia was suffering a severe winter. She would go weeks, sometimes months, without sleep. Looking people in the eye was a near impossible task.
However, once Rocky got well, he began changing all that.
 Right when his mom would start spiraling out of control, Rocky would pop up, by her side, ready to soothe her racing mind.
 She wrote on Imgur, “Rocky has this amazing talent to signal when I am about to have an anxiety attack and when my depression is getting too severe before I’m even able to recognize the symptoms.”
 Before terror would set in, Rocky would find his way toward his new mom, look her straight in the eye, maybe even place a paw on her lap, and distract her troubles away.
 And while Rocky certainly suffered from fears of his own — be they from water, loud noises, or what have you — he was always ready to lick away his mom’s oncoming tears.
 His mother wrote in her celebratory post, “He has saved me so many times. He gives me a reason to keep going when all is lost. I love him so much and so does my husband, I just wanted to take the time and show you all how proud I am of him and how far he has come.”
 These two found each other in their times of need, and they continue helping each other celebrate the highs and weather the lows.
When this dog needed his new mom most, she dropped everything to nurse him back to good health. Now, he’s determined to do everything he can to keep lifting her spirits.
What do you think of this adorable dog’s gift? Have you ever come across a special dog like this? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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