She Buys Stranger's Groceries After He Forgot His Wallet. How He Thanks Her Left Her Speechless

A smile or compliment can go a long way. You never know how the little things in life can affect another person. Just ask Tracy Warshal, whose small act of kindness came full circle with a huge reward.
A few weeks before Christmas, 39-year-old Warshal was shopping at an Aldi supermarket. While bagging her groceries, Tracy overheard that the man behind her in line had forgotten his wallet. Immediately, Tracy’s instincts over, and she offered to pay the $7 for his groceries.

Warshal tells ABC News, “It would have been more of a headache for him to go out and find his wallet.” She then told the man, “Merry Christmas” and walked out the store.
Weeks later, something jaw-dropping happened. Warshal was at work at The Piedmont Cancer Institute (she’s the scheduling coordinator there) when two representatives of The Piedmont Foundation approached her. They informed Warshal that the stranger she had purchased groceries for was making a $10,000 donation in her name to the Piedmont Foundation, which was an affiliate of Warshal’s employer.
She was completely shocked. She had only told the stranger her first name, and she just happened to a T-shirt with “Piedmont” written that day they met.
“I’m just excited that one small little gesture made a huge difference and impact on a lot of people. I hope it makes people think twice about doing something small to somebody.”
This just goes to show how much impact a small act of kindness can have on others.
UPDATE: Aldi supermarket rewarded Tracy with a year’s supply of groceries for free to thank her for her good deed.

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