School REFUSES To Serve Son Lunch. Then Mom Marches Down There And Stuns Them All!

Dominic Gant is a high school junior. When he was getting lunch in the school cafeteria, he was flabbergasted and humiliated when the cafeteria lady took the tray out of his hands and threw it away. The reason? Dominic apparently owed less than $5 for previously unpaid school lunches.

“It was really embarrassing,” Dominic told CNN. “Right in front of the whole lunch room, they took my plate away and said I didn’t have enough to eat today.”

His mother, Amanda Keown, could not believe her son was denied a meal because he owed less than $5. We’ve seen lunch ladies who fed kids who couldn’t afford it get fired before, and yet, the issue prevails every day in our schools. It’s one thing to let a student know their tab is accumulating. It’s another to throw away a perfectly good meal, humiliate him in front of his peers, and then send him to class hungry.

“I was appalled that he was denied lunch and his lunch was taken out of his hands over $5,” she said.

So, Keown marched down to the school, and she left everyone stunned. She paid her son’s debt and every other student’s debt. She paid off the $200 because she didn’t want any other kid to go through what her son went through. She didn’t want any other student to go hungry or feel embarrassed because their parents don’t have the money. Now, if only the school felt as strongly about the issue as Keown did!
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