Check Out What Russian Special Forces Eat In The Field

This is a Russian Special Forces 24 hour Mountain Ration, and it’s extremely rare.

 It seems like an awful lot for only 24 hours. It’s twice what average people should consume.

 The clip serves as a review of what Russian special forces eat in a high altitude, rigid, and cold environment. It has more than 5000 calories per ration. Since there’s nowhere to open it, he uses a knife to tear the cover and started unpacking the box.

Once he had all the food laid down, he checked it one by one. There’s coffee, which was unfortunately teared, tea, crackers, chocolate bars, spread, water purifier, vitamin tab, utensils, and a lot more. He opened food in packets, from the meat to the porridge. That is worth checking out!

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[Source: Youtube]

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