‘Stretched’ Boulders And The Bronze ‘Glue’ That Binds Them

Hailing from La Côte Martin, France, sculptor Romain Langlois is entirely self-taught. His journey is a somewhat odd one, as he used medical books and anatomical charts in order to better understand the human body and reflect it in his work.

His earliest pieces used plaster and clay, but he was seeking a more permanent material and that caused him to turn to bronze as his new material of choice. The metal is now incorporated into many of his pieces, which are now more inspired by nature than by man.

Unlike typical bronze casting, there is a sinewy feel to these pieces; as though these rocks were violently torn apart and left languishing upon the surface of the earth. Looking at his work, you get a sense that it is somehow “gooey” even though it’s rock hard. And yes, that pun was fully intended. Joking aside, these are exceptionally stunning works of art.

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