Rich Dad Adopts 2 Children. But When The Neighbors Discover His Secret? Incredible!

If you come from a small town, you must appreciate the importance of things like the emergency services that are a lifeline to any communnity.

Being close to a hospital or a fire department is essential for any family's security. But considering the resources of small towns are quite modest, rural areas are often forced to share fire services, police departments, schools, and hospitals.

But what small towns lack in paid services, they make up for in the excellent work done by volunteers.

Mark Hill, who lives in a small Missouri town, knows firsthand the importance of volunteers in rural places. Local volunteer firefighters saved his father's life twice, and it's something he's never forgotten.

A few years ago, Mark won a staggering $293 million dollars in the Missouri lottery. Naturally, he and his family did things that most lottery winners do—they took a long vacation, bought a couple of cars, and remodeled their home.

But Mark never forgot the kindness that the people in his hometown showed him, so he wanted to thank everyone who's stood up for him over the years... In addition to adopting two new children and giving them new opportunities in life, Mark and his wife decided to fund a project that will hopefully help residents in the community for a long time to come.

Mark, who isn't particularly interested in being interviewed on TV, let a camera crew come to his town to show off the wonderful gift he helped finance: a brand new fire station.

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