Retired Horse Has A Disease That Makes It Painful To Walk. Then He Meets An Army Veteran... WOW!

Quincy is one of the elite military horses part of the U.S. Army Caisson Platoon. He’s participated in thousands of funerals for Arlington National Cemetery, but when his service ended? There was nowhere for him to retire to.

That’s where the Caisson Adoption Project comes in.

By pairing veteran horses with human veterans, they’re facilitating absolutely inseparable bonds that will last many long and fulfilling years. “They spend so much time on making a decision to ensure that these horses will be taken care of for their lifespan,” George Whitaker says, a retired army veteran and recent participant in this project.

Quincy, however, will be in very good hands. He was recently transferred to Whitaker’s farm, and this video captures the incredibly special moment as both veteran man and veteran horse become friends.

This isn’t the only organization working to help former soldiers through the power of animal cohabitation! The Lockwood Animal Rescue Center relies upon the unquestionable healing of bonding with wolves, and the Ironstone Farm provides veterans with an opportunity to ride horses.

Although Quincy suffers from navicular disease — a chronic condition that indicates nerve damage in the hooves — he is receiving only the best in animal veterinary care.

“Quincy will spend the rest of his life on the farm as my companion,” Whitaker says, his whole face lighting up as he looks at the magnificent horse. “As long as he has a quality of life, he will live [here] forever.”
[Source: Youtube]

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