Pregnant Mom Poses For Her Maternity Shoot, But Look Closely At The Officers In The Background

 You might ask why this maternity shoot includes so many police officers. Is this an incredibly important child that needs a security detail? Is this the wife of a powerful politician? No. These men in blue have come to honor and remember the spirit of their fallen team member, Officer Allen Jacobs. That is his wife, Meghan. That is his unborn daughter that he will never get to know.
 The Greenville, South Carolina officer was shot and killed in the line of duty in March 2016. Jessie Ellex, a long time friend of Meghan’s, was behind the lens this past Father’s Day. It seemed only fitting that someone close to her captured the intimate images.“Meghan had the idea to include the policeman in her photos, since she had to do this without her beloved husband,” Jesse said. Because she had to do this shoot without her partner, several officers stepped in so she wouldn’t have to do it completely alone.
 Jesse had said that she hoped that the pictures would help Meghan heal. Coming to terms with his death and bringing their first child into the world alone could be a trying time for Meghan, but Jesse hoped that the pictures would properly honor Allen and might serve as a means to tie in his presence into their lives going forward. When baby Lennox is born in July, the pair plan to mimic the maternity photos with Lennox in the scenes. Meghan wants her daughter to know that though her father couldn’t be there on that day, his spirit was being channeled by these brilliant officers. These men in blue worked alongside her dad, and it is through them and, more so, in her that he lives on.
[Source: Little Things]

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