'Pokémon Go' Sees Its First Player Death, According To Reports

An 18-year-old lad has been shot dead after breaking into a house to hunt for Pokémon, according to reports.

Jerson Lopez de Leon, from Guatemala, was playing the popular Pokémon Go game with his mate, Daniel Moises Picen, 17, when they decided to trespass on somebody's private property.
According to a translation from Spanish news site La Prensa, Leon was attacked by gunfire in the area five of Chiquimula in Guatemala. He died at the scene. The publication also reported his friend suffered injuries and was taken to hospital.
If these reports are correct, it could be the first death caused by Pokémon Go.

The reality game app has been downloaded by at least 15 million people since its release last week.

It was praised for potentially improving many people's mental health, as you have to go outside to play it. However, it also attracted some controversy due to reports that it was causing accidents and being a public nuisance at some locations.

I know you wanna catch 'em all, lads, but please be careful out there and keep safe.
Feature Image Credit: PA Images

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