People Are Freaking Out Over Size Of 'Love Island Star's Penis'

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Love Island’s Alex Bowen appears to have become the victim of a nude picture leak.

A very sexually explicit photo, which is allegedly of the reality TV contestant, is currently circulating on the internet.

His Nessie-sized member has recently been making headlines after being leaked and published on website Cocktails and CockTalk, who claim it is Alex’s. 

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However, there is still no confirmation the image is of him, and Alex has kept silent about the (rather large) matter on his social media pages, Huffington Post reports.

The picture, which appears to show Alex laying in bed without clothes, doesn’t show his face, but it does seem to show his distinctive tattoos in all the right places.

If you have no idea who this guy is, he was the one who famously had sex with (now former) Miss Great Britain Zara Holland on the show. 

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Their fling later prompted the Miss Great Britain winner to be stripped of her title when pageant bosses deemed her having sex on TV ‘unacceptable’.

He’s now dating fellow Love Island contestant Olivia Buckland, but he originally made headlines for dating Geordie Shore’s Vicky Pattison. Either way, I doubt Bowen (or his girlfriend) will be embarrassed his city-sized penis has been spread all over the Internet.

I know you might be feeling a bit cheated that we are choosing not to publish his monstrosity of a dong, but we just didn’t want you to poke your eye out.

But if you need any proof of its size: 

And if you still really want to check it out for yourself, I’m sure some light amateur detective work will help you uncover it on social media. 

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