Obama Already Has A Job Lined Up And It's Not What You'd Expect

 If you just spent eight years leading one of the most powerful countries in the world through multiple wars on terrorism, you’d probably want to do something pretty low key.

The majority of us would want to pack our bags and head somewhere tropical. Maybe even open a surf shack. And that’s pretty much what Obama plans to do.

But swap out surfing for t-shirts – t-shirts that only come in white and size medium.

 Yup, President Obama wants to open a t-shirt shack in Hawaii that only sells one size in one colour. Simplicity is clearly key in Obama’s next career quest.

The New York Times recently did a lengthy piece on the president’s nighttime habits delightfully entitled ‘Obama After Dark: The Precious Hours Alone’.

And among other fascinating facts like how long a game of Words with Friends takes him and how many almonds he eats before going to bed, was a revelation from friend and current mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel. Apparently, the pair have plans to run this simple t-shirt shop in paradise one day.

Emanuel said that he and Obama have imagined moving to Hawaii to open a t-shirt shack that ‘sold only one size (medium) and one colour (white). Their dream was that they would no longer have to make decisions’.

Apparently, during difficult White House meetings when no good decision seemed possible, Emanuel would turn to Obama and say, ‘white’, and Obama would in turn say ‘medium’, the New York Times reports. Just like many of us, the world’s most powerful leaders dream of being somewhere else when in work.

But Obama’s tropical t-shirt shack idea actually sounds like one of the best jobs I’ve ever heard of – a simple life with no decisions and very small transactions.

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