Nora the rescue puppy loves napping with her baby brother

 Cats aren't the only ones who enjoy a good nap.

In fact, mom Elizabeth Spence posts photos to Instagram of her English Pointer, Nora, who enjoys her daily nap in the cutest way possible — cuddled beside Spence's eight-month-old son, Archie.

Mashable spoke with Spence via email to learn more about the adorably special bond that her son and Nora share.
"We got Nora from Funds For Furry Friends, a local rescue shelter, seven years ago prior to having kids," Spence said. "Despite having come from an abusive situation, her sweet and gentle nature shone through and we knew with certainty she would be a wonderful family dog when the time came."

 While Nora gets along with Spence's three kids, three rescue cats and her other two rescue dogs, it's clear she and Archie are especially close. 

"I noticed a strong bond growing between Nora and Archie when Archie was about four months old and so I began photographing their daily interactions, like squirrel watching, and the supervised communal naps they take together," said Spence.

 As for the photos, while she occasionally embellishes the shots by adding stuffed animals or other props, Spence explained, "Nora pretty much always finds her way right over to Archie on her own whenever he takes a nap on our bed."

Spence is "thrilled to spread some love" by showing others these precious photos, and hopes they let people see, "what amazing pets rescue animals can be and encourage others to consider giving them a chance at love, too." 

 Sometimes Spence's other pets even join in on the snoozefest.

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