New Walking Dead Trailer Drops Major Clue To Who Dies

The much anticipated trailer for The Walking Dead finally debuted at Comic-Con on Friday, but with the smorgasbord of other new trailers we’ve been treated to in the last few days, we’ve barely had time to digest it.

We have been able to note, though, that it gives absolutely no clue as to who dies at the hands of Negan – or does it?

Here’s a quick breakdown: The trailer begins by reminding us that Negan is ‘going to beat the holy hell out of one of you,’ and then reminds us why certain characters’ deaths would make sense from the perspective of heartbreaking flashbacks.

Up until now, comment sections have been loaded with theories – It was Abraham. It was Michonne. It was Glenn. It was Daryl. The truth is, no one knows.

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While Glenn seems the most likely candidate to die because Negan’s bat is where his storyline ends in the comics, thanks to a few clues in the new trailer, we may be able to cross him off our list.

The new teaser trailer offers only a split second of clues, but it’s major. If you pause it at the right moment (around the 1:36 mark), you can see a blurry version of Dwight standing in the background.

While his hair arguably looks a bit longer, he’s the only one with blonde hair standing behind Negan’s death line up of our favourite characters.

So unless another guy with blonde hair comes running in at the last second, we’ve got a major clue.

If you compare that shot to the photo from the season six finale, it suggests the victim could be one of three people: Abraham, Michonne, or Maggie. Glenn and Daryl are kneeling too far to the left of Negan to make the angle make sense.

Given what we already know, the most likely candidate is Abraham – he and Glenn seem to be the two most popular choices. And bludgeoning a pregnant woman to death would be a pretty fucking gruesome introduction to the seventh season. It’d also be a pretty weak move from Negan considering Maggie’s already in bad shape.

That, or the first episode of season seven could fuck us all up and Negan could be taking out two people. Unfortunately, Glenn is then back in the running.

We’ll have to wait until October 24 to know for sure.

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