New App Shows You Where To Find And Catch 'Em All In Pokémon GO

 Probably by now, you’ve downloaded the gaming heroin which is Pokémon GO, or if you haven’t already, you’ll almost certainly be pressured into doing so.

The augmented reality game is casually taking over the world and helping us twenty-somethings relive our childhood dreams. But sadly, it’s not without its faults.

Probably the worst part about it (aside from the fact it doesn’t work the majority of the time), is the fact that every Pokémon near you is always at a distance of three footprints away, with no indication of which direction you should walk in.

 So this inevitably leads you to encountering a 500th Rattata instead of an elusive Kabutops for example.

But what if there was a way to visualise all the Pokémon in your area without having to move a damn muscle? Well, now it seems this dream has finally come true in the form of the new app Poké Radar.

Essentially, it’s a Google Maps clone for finding Pokémon, powered in real-time by people playing Pokémon Go and letting those players submit Pokémon locations on a global scale. Oh, and you can also search for specific Pokémon, so you don’t have to see a bloody Pidgey ever again.

 Sadly though, the app isn’t without it’s flaws. It probably won’t surprise you that it’s currently experiencing some seriously heavy traffic, which sometimes makes it a tad buggy and then there’s those delightful Internet trolls – who have falsely reported rare Pokémon in a variety of places.

However, the creators of the app have a way to avoid all that:

When you click or tap on a Pokémon’s icon, you’ll see who posted the tip, and how many other trainers found the tip helpful. If you see the same person posting hard-to-believe tips with low ratings, you know not waste your time looking for that Mewtwo. You’ll also see when a Pokémon was caught so you know what time of day is best for your search.

Finally, no more time wasted catching yet another fucking Zubat.

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