Motorized suitcase lets you ride to your gate like a boss

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Walking to your gate is for chumps.

Moving through an airport can be a hassle. Between security, crowds and endless lanes of concrete flooring between you and your gate, it can be an exhausting way to travel.

Modobag, a ridable suitcase, aims to give your feet a break by allowing you to zoom past the slow walkers so you can make it to your plane in record time with minimal effort.

If only everything in life worked this way.


The company originally attempted to fund a campaign on Kickstarter last year, but failed to raise enough money for their goal. Now, they are launching an Indiegogo campaign with a $50,000 flexible goal that is already over 95 percent funded, with a month left in the campaign.

The Modobag can reach speeds up to eight miles per hour, which is about three times faster than walking. Great for beating that group of tourists to the priority ticketing line. And you can ride your bag as long as you please for up to six miles on its battery life.

And yes, it comes with a USB port for all your charging needs. 

While all of this seems too good to be true, the bag does have some drawbacks. Despite seeming compact (meeting TSA standards) it weights 19 pounds on its own. This may be no sweat for some airlines, but it is something to consider when packing your belongings.

Early bird pricing for the bag starts at a whopping $995, according to the campaign. Better get yours soon if you want to do donuts in the terminal to your hearts desire.

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