Motorists take out a rope and stop traffic when this happens, look at what they're pulling

Alvin Pike was going along his regular commute across the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, one of the longest causeways in the country, when his day took an unexpected turn. The pickup truck in front of him suddenly careened off the road into the waters below. The guardrail did nothing to stop him. Pike then immediately did something that most people would hesitate to do.
He hit the brakes in his own car and slowed traffic down. Observing the scene below, he saw that the fallen truck was slipping below the surface, the driver was floating beside it. Pike quickly took off any much clothing that would weigh him down and jumped right in beside the man. Pike said “he looked like he may be going into shock.” After affirming that there was no one else in the vehicle, he assessed his injuries. The victim didn’t look like he was severely injured.
Meanwhile upon the causeway above, numerous good Samaritans slowed to help the situation as well. Someone threw down a life vest. Then someone threw them a rope to climb up. Then a human chain formed to hoist each men up one after the other. Their combined effort brought the truck driver back up to safety. Though Pike was the one to jump in, he heavily credits the efforts of those above him that day. Modest to a fault, he says that anyone else would have done it.
Drenched, Pike drove back home in the opposite direction, changed into dry clothes, and drove back across the causeway to go to work. He was a few hours late, but we think he had a more-than-apt excuse.
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