Mom Shares Photo Of Herself In Panties Hours After Giving Birth And It's Going Viral

A photo of a mom in her underwear is being celebrated around the web but not for the reasons you think.

Amanda Bacon posted this photo of herself taken the day after giving birth to her son.

Amanda wrote on  Facebook:

"Motherhood uncensored.

I'm sharing this picture because it's real. This is motherhood; it's raw, stunning, messy, and freaking hilarious all rolled into one. Having a baby is a beautiful experience, and the realities of postpartum life aren't spoken enough about. And definitely not photographed enough. Some people probably find this uncomfortable, but why? I seriously don't get it! It's probably because this part isn't talked about. We all should try and educate, empower and embrace every aspect of childbirth, including moments like this. And do it while having a sense of humor. Nothing says welcome to motherhood like an adorable squishy baby, and a giant mom diaper."

Amanda says her photo is also a reality check to the picture-perfect image that many people have of new moms:

"The mother holding their beautiful newborn baby and everybody smiles, and Kate Middleton, fresh out of the hospital, looking great, feeling great. When in reality, it's not like that. There's a whole other side of it that nobody talks about."

While celebrity magazines make out that you have a baby, put your skinny jeans on and walk about looking fabulous, this is the real post-birth look. That's why her photo has been shared more than 100,000 times and counting.

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