Mom Pulls Up To The Drive-Thru Window. Her Face Grows Pale When She Sees HIM...

 The determination and hard work of people can be truly inspiring, especially when they go to remarkable lengths to earn a day’s living. One story of a man in New Hampshire is storming the Internet and motivating people from all over, because of how much he goes through just to work his minimum wage jobs.
No matter how much struggle he has to deal with just to even get to work, he still powers through day in and day out to try and create a better life for himself. What an inspiration to us all!
His story was posted on Facebook by a user named Joanna Griffiths. It has since been shared by over 8,000 people, liked by 45,000 people, and even garnered over 1,600 comments. Just wait until you hear how hard this man works!
“I felt the need to share this with all of you, and perhaps make this man go viral. Last week I got an iced coffee at Dunkin donuts around 7:30am, later on that day I saw the same man walking but was unable to pick him up or I would have been late for work myself.
Little did I know, he was walking 8 1/2 miles to his second full time job at the Big Apple for his Graveyard shift.
I stopped at the Big Apple on my way home from work around 10:45pm to see if he could use a lift home while I grabbed gas, but he politely declined stating he worked another 3+ hours closing.
The moral of the story is this, if you are an able bodied person, there is a job out there for you. No matter what the job may be.
This man walks 16 miles every day between both his jobs, making minimum wage at both. Minimum wage in New Hampshire is $7.25/hr. This man shows that if you are motivated, ambitious, and WILLING to work, it IS possible.”
After Joanna’s post went viral, this inspiring hard-working young man named Kyle Bigler has become a national sensation. People all around the world have looked at him as a source of inspiration, and a local car dealership rewarded Bigler with a 2005 Honda Accord to help him commute between his jobs.
“I thought we probably have a couple cars here that we could just donate to him so he doesn’t have to walk 20 miles a day,” said Ryan Parks, a sales manager at Autoserv.
It’s great to see a community coming to support a determined young man. Well done!

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