Mom Finds Out She's Pregnant. But When The Dog Finds Out? He's SPEECHLESS!

When a couple finds out they are about to have a baby, there are so many people to tell. Between future grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, there is a huge list to go through before breaking the news on social media.

Topping that list are soon-to-be siblings, who are (ideally) excited to become big brothers or sisters!

When this man told a soon-to-be big brother that he was going to have a little brother soon, big brother’s reaction was so adorable. “Someone’s going to have a baby brother,” he tells him, and after the word “brother,” the look on his face is priceless.

It’s always fun to see how different members of the family — canine and otherwise — react to a pregnancy announcement. When these parents told their three boys that they were having another baby (via cookie cake — yummy!), their reactions are absolutely hilarious!

Everyone is always excited at the big news, like these grandparents-to-be were absolutely stunned when their daughter revealed her pregnancy to them via a gift bag, and their sweet reaction is completely heartwarming.

Making this even better is that the soon-to-be big brother is actually a dog! This golden retriever looks absolutely shocked, even though it’s unlikely that he fully understands what “big brother” really means. The loyal pooch will soon find out what it means and will be protective of his new little sibling.

[Source: Youtube]

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