Man Films Raccoon Washing His Favorite Toys. Then He Realizes What Is In The Bath...

Raccoons can be found just about everywhere, in cities, forests, prairies, and marshes. According to, they eat just about anything! They are nocturnal and will eat mice, or frogs, fruit, and plants. They have no problem eating out of people’s gardens – or even turning over a garbage can to inspect the contents! They have dexterous front paws and long fingers.

This YouTube video shows a pet raccoon who belongs to a couple in Russia. We see the raccoon busy washing his treasures in a green bowl. At first, the man seems amused by the activity, until he sees that a cell phone is sitting at the bottom of the bowl! When the couple turns their backs to check on the cell phone, the mischievous raccoon finds something else he wants to clean!

Take a look at this video!

[Source: Youtube]

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