Man falls asleep in his office holding a toddler. This photo will warm your heart!

A coworker captured this photo of Jason Heckman snoozing at his desk. At first glance it may look like someone slacking off and snoozing on the job, but as his wife Chellie explains in a Facebook post, it is nothing like that.

"My husband, Jason, is a supervisor for The Department of Family and Children services. He among many others do a very Thankless yet fulfilling job and well it takes a very special person to handle these cases. Yet the case workers and investigators are hardly recognized when there is something great that happens. After taking this baby into the care of the state, in the process of placing him into foster care, he had to stay after hours and return to pick him back up before hours. Being away from family and familiar faces, the baby was kinda fussy and so he was soothing him and well needless to say they had a special moment.........

In a world of hate, anger, arguments of guns and no guns, ridiculous political mud slinging there are children that are struggling with day to day life. It is those people that care for the children that are overlooked, underpaid and well just not recognized for the amazing, loving jobs that they do. You never hear anyone say 'oh yay, here comes DFACS(Department of Family and Children services.' They run and avoid, lie and don't cooperate when the job they are doing is trying to help the Children. Attached is the perfect picture of the love and compassion that these guys give that goes unnoticed, while he had stayed out after hours with this baby and went in 2 hours early, his focus was to make sure this baby was cared for and felt safe."

Kudos to this man who goes above and beyond for the children he represents!

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