Man Asks How Much His Blanket Is Worth. Now Watch When He Realizes It's Worth THIS Much

For years, Ted has owned a simple blanket and used it for various purposes around the house. Little did he know, it was a national treasure.
 Because the blanket had been in his family for years, passed down for multiple generations, Ted jumped at the opportunity to appear on Antiques Roadshow. The show was visiting his area, and there was no better time to get his blanket appraised.
When Donald Ellis saw the blanket, he was shocked. He recognized the blanket and knew it was rare. He said, “I almost died.”
But before he explained to Ted its history, he asked him where it came from.
 According to Ted, before the blanket was given to his family, it was passed onto the foster father of his grandmother by Kit Carson. Though he assumed it was owned by a chief, he had no idea that it was actually a Navajo Chief’s Ute First Blanket.
Then Ellis revealed how much the blanket was actually worth today. He said that on a very bad day, it could be sold at around $350,000. On a good day, it could be worth $500,000. And if it’s proven to be an authentic Kit Carson Ute, the value could increase up to 20%.
Isn’t that crazy? A treasure was found in the most unlikely place. Ted was sitting on a pile of gold his whole life, and he didn’t even know it!
[Source: Youtube]

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