Little Boy Steals Dad's Razor. When He Turns Around, Dad's Completely Shocked

This little boy learned the definition of a “bad hair day” at a very young age. He found Dad’s electric razor one day, and rather than listening to Dad’s orders, his curiosity got the best of him. The little boy takes Dad’s razor and plays with it. The result is absolutely hilarious.
Dad finds the aftermath of his little boy’s playtime with the razor. While Dad is secretly laughing, he also knows that this is a good moment to teach his son a lesson. The little boy is very remorseful of his actions, and I highly doubt he will ever do this again.
Watch the video below to see what the boy looks like after he plays with Dad’s razor. He literally shaved the front half of his head off. He probably has the biggest receding hairline I have ever seen!

[Source: Youtube]

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