Female Sports Star Gets Flirty With Football Player On Live TV

Lindsey Vonn got very suggestive with J.J. Watt on a red carpet interview.

 Things got awkward when she joked about Watt’s gro*n massage.

 The two sports star announced an award together onstage at the ESPYs Wednesday, and as such, they were teamed up beforehand in a red carpet interview. Vonn may or may not have been flirting with Watt, but she certainly got very suggestive about how Watt was able to have another stellar season while suffering so many injuries.

“Lots of massages in the gro*n area,” Vonn said, leaning into a microphone held by Hannah Storm. “I’m going to let that slide, right by,” the veteran ESPN anchor said, noting “live television” with Watt blushing on the side.

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[Source: Youtube]

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