Lad Goes Out For A Curry, Ends Up Paying £1 Million For It

 That horrible fear you get checking your bank account after a heavy night out is like ripping off a plaster. You know it's going to be unpleasant, and possibly painful, but you just have to get it over with. I've taken to pretty much not checking and just using my card until it gets rejected, usually about three weeks before payday.

But that horrible feeling could have been a lot worse for this lad who decided he fancied a curry at the Rajpoot Indian Restaurant in Aberdeenshire.

After eating his food, he went to settle up but instead of paying the £100 he owed he somehow accidentally paid £1,006,082.04, the Evening Express reports.

I think the weirdest bit is that the bank authorised the payment, mine won't trust me with a penny over what I've got in my account. Anyway it was ten minutes later when the very honest restaurant owner Abdul Wahid noticed the mistake.

Abdul said: "I just said 'oh my god what's happened, what have you done my friend?" Which is a pretty chilled reaction, given the situation.

The customer had to ring his bank to cancel the transaction and then paid what he actually owed. I don't know if he left a tip or not, but I hope he did, because Abdul had the chance to absolutely rinse him there.

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