It Looks Like Her Son Is Alone In A Pool. But When Mom Sees THIS In The Water, She Shrieks!

When summertime comes, we all know that there’s only one way to really beat the heat: Go for a swim!

Having a pool your backyard is a luxury only a few can afford, but hopefully, there are public pools you can visit, and maybe even friends with pools in their yards. The cool water is always so tempting, and as soon as we see it, jumping in is an irresistible notion.

But it’s not just humans who need to cool down during the hot days of summer. These lucky pups, for example, love frolicking around in the water — and they’re not the only ones who love to do so.

It was at a pool party in Georgia where the humans attending came face-to-face with a frantic, uninvited guest. And it’s an unforgettable moment that’s simply hilarious.

In this clip, filmed by Sherrie Joiner, a little boy paddles about in the water, seemingly alone. But if you keep an eye on the upper right-hand corner, it comes right out of nowhere: A fawn hops over the fence and heads straight into the pool.

The guests shriek, clearly in shock, while the little fawn desperately looks for a way out.

Finally, the little guy finds the stairs and manages to scamper away. At least he got to cool off for however brief a moment!

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