Important Advice From Police: Do This Before Taking Your Child To Places With Large Crowds.

Summer has always been a lovely time for parents and children to spend time together doing activities outdoors. And visits to amusement parks, fairs, concerts, and parades are what wonderful childhood memories are made of.

But these places also attract large crowds, which means an increased danger of becoming separated from your child or even losing your child in the crowd altogether. To prevent this nightmare from ever happening, police in Clovis, California have issued a couple of useful tips for parents this summer.

Losing a child in a large crowd is one of the worst things a parent could possibly imagine. And police in Clovis, California understand this. In an effect to help families stay safe this summer, they’ve posted a couple of useful tips on their Facebook page:

What great advice! These two tips are quite useful, which is probably why this post has already been shared more than 24,000 times.

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