If You Touch Your Finger To A Mirror, It Can Reveal THIS Chilling Fact – I’m In Shock…

While there seems to be camera’s everywhere nowadays, many people don’t realize that they may even be in places which you would never expect. Mirrors for example. Yes, there are sickos out there hiding cameras and employing other nefarious means to spy on you. Here are ways to prevent yourself from being recorded and spied on:

Two-Way Mirrors

Department store dressing rooms are a big one for the two way mirror. Even public restrooms. There are states that make it illegal. Why all states don’t have laws like this is unclear. If your state is not listed, be vigilant and pay attention to your surroundings. Here are the states you are safer in:

Alabama, Arkansas, California, Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Kansas, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, South Dakota and Utah.

No Cameras Here

Apparently it is okay for some stores to have hidden cameras in the dressing rooms and two-way mirrors! Crazy as you would think such a practice would be outlawed. Here are some stores that value privacy and have chosen to never use hidden cameras or two-way mirrors in their dressing rooms:

– Charlotte Russe
– Dillards
– Express
– Gap & Gap Kids
– JC Penny
– Macy’s
– Old Navy
– Victoria’s Secret

You still want to use your own judgement, regardless.

Check It Out

So you can also examine the mirror itself very closely to see if certain signs exist that are red flags. Embedded mirrors in a wall can be a red flag. If there’s edges to it and it’s hanging off a wall, that should be alright.

Try Tapping On It

Tap lightly on the mirror with fingers and it should sound flat. Sort of like a “thud” sound. If it reverberates and sounds hollow, then that means there is open space on the other side, indicating the potential for a two way mirror.

Is It See-Through?

If you can peer through the mirror then obviously you are dealing with a see-through mirror. Place fingers on either side of your eyes. This blocks out light. Then peer through. If you see a face looking back at you, get out of there!

Light It Up

Use a flashlight or a light on your phone and aim it in the mirror. You may be able to see the light shine to the other side and then you will know you are dealing with a two-way.

The Finger Test

Stick your finger up to mirror. In a normal mirror there will be a small gap between that of your finger, and that of the reflection. But if you are dealing with a two-way, your fingers touch as if there is only one long finger.

Check out this video which reveals the finger test:

[Source: Youtube]

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