They Look Like Identical Female Twins, But Believe It Or Not They Are Husband And Wife

When you say husband and wife, it must be individual of different gender. But what if a couple looks exactly the same just like twins? Will you be able to identify who’s who? No, this is a not a same sex marriage, but this bizarre story of husband and wife will definitely leave you in awe.

Dmitry Kozhukho or Alina Davis as he wanted to be called is a 23-year-old and a hundred percent male. Dmitry prefer to wear dresses and he said, he’s an ‘Androgyne’ it means he’s unable fit neatly into either gender role. And to make this couple even crazier, his wife Alison Brooks, 19, looks exactly like him. You may even think of them as identical twins!

Alisa (right) knew that Alina (left) is an Androgyne. She even admits that she took the first step in the relationship and said “I came up to him and said he is very beautiful.”
When Alina and Alisa got married, the registry office was in outrage because the couple arrive at the ceremony both wearing a bridal gown. Still, the marriage proceeds.
The couple was not breaking Russian anti-gay and lesbian laws with their marriage, in fact they wanted to have at least two children.
Alisa said they are deeply in love and want to have not just one child but at least two.
Dmitry, believes “that their wedding has sent an important message to people in Russia, where there is widespread official and public disapproval of the western trend of gay and lesbian unions.”

It’s not everyday we see straight guy that’s more confident wearing dress than the normal ones. What’s more crazier is that this couple looks so identical, at first I didn’t know who the girl is and who the guy is. For as long as they’re not breaking any law, who are we to stop them from their happiness? 

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