Husband Shaming Is The Most Real Thing On The Internet Right Now!

Husband Shaming Is The Most Real Thing On The Internet Right Now!

Written by Ana Krneta

 Being married is not easy. It requires compromise and understanding, no matter how much the couple may love each other. Some of the hardest obstacles in a marriage are:

  • Parenting
  • Division of labour

However, there are loads of other things couples need to work out. It is crazy to think you could live with someone for the rest of your life without ever having a fight or hitting bumps in the road.

Wich is why some women have figured out a way to vent about their husbands, by posting pictures of them online with their transgression. It’s a funny and light hearted way to get past annoyances.

1. We wonder at what point he realized what he was doing and decided not to go.

 2. This seems like a totally normal way to react upon seeing a spider, so we don’t know if he deserves to be shamed for it.

 3. This is such a cheeky way to get your laundry done for you. In fact, we think we may use this excuse next time.

 4. How else would you teach a man that lets you freeze for ten years a lesson OTHER than publicly shaming him? Bet he won’t forget to tell her important stuff anymore. Or he will just never admit he knew something ever again.

5. Parents get overwhelmed, but somehow it seems harder for dads to keep up with everything while they are overwhelmed.

 6. As long as people don’t know who the guy is, the wife is okay with airing his dirty laundry.

 7. This isn’t something to be ashamed of, in fact it’s something to be PROUD of!

 8. This is for all the women who have had to share a bathroom with a man who pees with the seat down. He deserves all the shame!!

9. At this point, if the internet shaming doesn’t work, she should just go ahead and super-glue the hat to his head. We think that’s a valid reaction.

 10. As long as she keeps her number lower than his, she is in shoe shopping heaven!

 11. Just look at his face. He hardly looks shamed, in fact he looks very pleased with himself.

 12. This one is just hilarious. But seriously though, when you need to fart, don’t do it at a place where there are other people waiting.

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