Homeless Man Is Tricked into Visiting a Home but Watch When He Steps In

While the news in the world these days is often terrible and depressing, it’s important to remember that there are good and kind people out there who do what they can to help those they can. We humans hold a terrible capacity for hatred and violence, but it’s equally true that we have an incredible capacity for love, kindness, and generosity.

Eric is a homeless man who crossed paths with some very generous people. First, they arranged a ‘prank’ where he ‘won’ a lottery ticket, but actually won so much more. They put him in a motel and helped get him off the streets for a while, and Eric wanted to share the money with others.

Now, we catch up with Eric shortly after he got a job! And it’s perfect timing, seeing as his job is going to hopefully help him stay off the streets. Adding to the incentive are his friends and thousands of generous donors who raised thousands of dollars to get Eric a home for one year, plus furniture, clothes, and gift cards among other things.

[Source: Youtube]

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