Her Jaw Drops As She Stands Behind A Long-Haired Man. Now Look What She’s Holding...

My dad was a big believer in the Bible’s reference to someone’s hair being their crown of glory. Not only did that mean waiting until I was 11 years old to have my first real haircut, but he often kept his own hair long and shaggy, too!

While that did lead to some arguments throughout my teen years when I would decide to switch up my style, I think he was really just a hippie at heart.

Looking at the guy below, you’d probably assume the same! Jackson even went to greater lengths with his long locks and bushy beard than my dad ever did.

However, after two years of the Grizzly Adams aesthetic, he’s decided to clean up his look with a drastic trim and shave. Sitting down in front of his camera, I was shocked to see just how far past his shoulders his hair hung before the stylist started chopping away.

She begins by lopping off one huge chuck and handing it to Jackson, who is clearly amused by the ponytail. Then, it’s time to really get cracking as she separates the strands into three sections and whittles away at them with her sheers.

Once the hair is done, it’s time to tackle the beard. Jackson doesn’t get rid of the whiskers entirely, but definitely achieves a smoother style.

Take a look to see the whole incredible transformation.
[Source: Youtube]

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