He Was Too Terrified To Sing In Front Of People, But The Crowd Went Wild When He Did

Christopher Maloney is a customer service advisor living in the United Kingdom. He’s also X-Factor’s newest star. But he wasn’t always ready for the big stage, in fact, he was a nervous wreck who was mortified of singing throughout his life.
It took Christopher five years to fill out the audition form. Initially, he would apply but then tear up his application each time until finally committing in 2012. Boy, was that a great commitment. When Christopher stepped on to the stage at X-Factor UK, he completely blew the judges and audience away with his singing voice and his performance of a song that played at his grandmother’s funeral: Better Midler’s “The Rose.”
Prepare yourself to be completely wow’ed. (His performance starts at 2:43 if you do not want to listen to his story.)
[Source: Youtube]

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