He Tries To Comfort A Baby Elephant, But Never Anticipated It Would React Like THIS... WOW!

There probably isn’t much that’s more adorable than a baby elephant who just loves to cuddle. When this muddy tourist visited an elephant sanctuary in Thailand, he was able to experience their insatiable affection up close and personal.
The baby elephant also couldn’t stop sitting on his lap– what a rare moment for the tourist! After all, not many people have an elephant sit on them and come out with no injuries! The video shows the two just playing around though as other people stand by and share laughs and smiles.
The elephant sanctuary in the video is in northern Thailand, where many of the elephants are rescued from abusive owners who misuse them for various purposes, such as entertainment for example.
Just wait until you watch this amazing video of this baby elephant who seems to have confused itself for a lap dog!
[Source: Youtube]

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