He Starts To Sing 'God Bless America'. Now Watch How The Crowd Reacts

If you’ve been to baseball game before, you know that it’s customary for there to be a 7th inning stretch, a time where the fans are told to stand up and stretch before the rest of the game continues. Usually, fans are treated to some type of entertainment while they’re stretching, and it was no exception during a game in the 2013 World Series.
In this video, you’ll watch a breathtaking performance by Retired Naval Petty officer Generald Wilson as he sings “God Bless America” for the crowd. I don’t know about you, but I have probably heard “God Bless America” at least a hundred times from various events. So when I first saw this video, I didn’t expect much.
The way Generald Wilson sings, however, instantly gave me chills. There’s something so special about his voice that I honestly can’t explain. I’m not the only one who had this reaction. The crowd is struck by Generald’s singing and erupt into a raucous applause by the end of his emotional performance. If only all performances of “God Bless America” were like this!
[Source: Youtube]

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