He Sees A Sad Homeless Dog At The Shelter. He's Appalled When He Realizes THIS About The Floor

I’m the kind of person who cries at the thought of all those homeless animals sleeping in a shelter with no forever home of their own. Even though there are countless shelter workers with kind hearts, they’re not a permanent solution to the limited resources a shelter can provide. A common problem of these shelters are basic accommodation. Many dogs sleep on the hard concrete floor. Like all the other animal lovers in the world, I wish that there was something someone could do to help. When I found about what this man was doing for his local shelter, I lost all control of my tears.
Vlogger Stuart Edge began volunteering for a shelter in his community. Once there, he said he realized “what a sad place a shelter could be” and wanted to do his part to help. He noticed the dogs slept on the floor without any semblance of cushioning and were in need of some serious TLC. Edge took matters into his own hands, documenting his day full of playtime and pats. Before he left, he made one last contribution to these lovable pooches. Watch the video below (and grab some tissues).
[Source: Youtube]

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