He Let His Dog Pick Out A Toy For The First Time. What He Chose Had Me Off My Feet!

Do you own a dog? If you do, you probably spoil him or her as much as you possibly can. Whether that’s buying your dog numerous toys or giving them treats all the time, most dog owners reciprocate the love that dogs show them. It’s no wonder that most dogs love being around humans.
Meet Roo. He’s a one year old rescued Golden Retriever that’s never had the chance to have his own toy. He unfortunately didn’t grow up in the best environment. He was starved, imprisoned, and neglected for much of his early life. When he was finally rescued, Roo was ecstatic. His life, however, is about to get so much better.
Watch as his new loving owner takes him to the pet store so that Roo can pick out a toy. It’s just adorable to watch Roo walking around the entire store in order to find a toy that he likes. What toy does he end up picking in the end? You’re going to have to watch to find out!
[Source: Youtube]

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