This Is How A Young Lady Gets Revenge After Boyfriend Dumps Her For Her Bestfriend

I don’t think Ryan could ever recover from that!

 Young love is just hilarious! More than Ryan would ever regret what he did, this girl would hate ever doing this video.

 The clip starts with the young lady wearing white telling the world how she got dumped by her boyfriend for her own best friend. As you can see, she’s holding a pink bracelet, probably from her ex, and that’s where she’s going to vent out her anger and take revenge.

For some reason, this girl thinks that throwing away that bracelet would be a big deal. Well maybe it was a big deal for her, she probably treasured that bracelet very much. After throwing it, she poses for the camera and said, “Have fun with her Ryan.”, she even titled this video from that sentence.

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[Source: Youtube]

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