Stupid Human Gum Trick Letterman Still Awesome After All These Years

There are stupid human tricks that are more amusing than impressive. And then there’s this jaw-dropping gum trick.

David Letterman’s “Stupid Pet Tricks” were one of the most beloved segments of his late-night talk show, but the internet has dug up a stupid trick performed by a woman — and it’s going viral, even after 22 years. Annabella, a high school student from New Jersey, has a trick that may sound rather uneventful — but trust me, it’s way more fascinating than it sounds. Annabella proceeds to spit out her chewing gum, straight out into the air, then instantly inhale it back into her mouth. It’s so incredible and so fast-moving, I had to re-watch it again. Even Letterman himself is absolutely mind-boggled. “Have you got a spring loaded into your mouth?!” he asks. “I have some good lungs!” she responds.

[Source: Youtube]

She does it again, and the crowd goes wild. Even playing it back slow-motion fails to reveal how on earth she does it! One commenter on Reddit says, “There is a thread of fishing line tied to her widows peak. She chews the gum onto the end of it, it pops out and pendulums back in. It seems more likely it’s just a piece of hair, perhaps one lightened/bleached to match her skin tone. On LD tv you can never know.”

Almeida recently filmed the video at the top in an attempt to show her lungs are as strong as ever.

[Source: Youtube]

But some people are skeptical about Almeida’s suction ability.

One user on Reddit named “CuckerBull” speculated Almeida is actually tying a thread of fishing line to her widows peak.

“She chews the gum onto the end of it, it pops out and pendulums back in,” he said.

Is she? Maybe this gif of her doing the trick will provide a clue.

Still not sure? How about this one from the original David Letterman appearance that is in slow motion.


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