Female Cop Stops A Young Girl On The Sidewalk. But When She Does THIS? Everyone Is Stunned!

Kids are absolutely incredible, and in particular, they’re little masters of spontaneity. They have the uncanny ability to come up with creative and fun games at the drop of a hat, but the question is whether the adults in their lives are up for the challenge. It’s a good thing they called on this policewoman working in their local Florida neighborhood, then!

Upon her arrival, it’s clear this police officer is greatly amused by the children who quickly surround her. They want to know whether she can whip or nae nae, dance moves popularized by Silentó’s song “Watch Me,” though I don’t think they quite expected her to do so well!

At first, she’s only accompanied by two girls, but the little dancing trope is quickly overrun with other kids who are all eager to join in on the fun.

Police officers are increasingly releasing glimpses into their talented personal lives through talented performances. A video recently surfaced of a policewoman singing “Love Me for What I Am,” and the Detroit Police Department even went viral with their rendition of the “Running Man Challenge.”

The cutest part of this whole video, in my humble opinion, was when the little girl in blue races out to teach the cop how to do some of the moves. Too cute, and too amazing! I really enjoyed watching them all break it down.
[Source: Youtube]

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