Farmer Is Shocked To Hear His Son's Classmate Is 'Hungry.' His Solution Is Stupefying

Jonathan Lawler is a successful farmer living in Indiana. He owns a large farm in a rural farming community outside Indianapolis, and each year, the farm sells about 700,000 pounds of food.
One day, Jonathan’s son returned home from school. When Jonathan asked him about his day, he was completely shocked to hear what his son had to say. “He came home from school and talked about kids who take home food from the food pantry,” Jonathan says. He was stunned to hear that his son’s classmates were ‘hungry’ and couldn’t eat enough food in a day.

The area they lived in was full of farms and food, yet kids were still not eating enough in school. This notion troubled Jonathan, and it kept bothering him. He didn’t believe any child should feel hungry, so he came up with a solution. What he did left the entire town speechless.
Jonathan restructured his farm. Rather than being a for-profit farm, he transformed it into a food aid organization where it provides local food banks, soup kitchens, and “hungry” folks with food to eat. The idea is to use the farm to feed those in need rather than make a profit off the harvest. Jonathan is now encouraging other farmers to pitch in and donate a portion of their harvests to help others.

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