Elephant Just Gives Birth To A Baby. Seconds Later, The Herd Does THIS To Him - I'm Stunned!

The miracle of birth can be an amazing, especially when captured by video in the wild. One rare moment captured during the daytime by Christian and Ginette Leroy in Chobi National Park, Botswana, shows a mother elephant giving birth to a baby.
The video shows the newborn elephant baby surrounded by family members and the mother that gave birth. The extraordinary moment features the babies first breaths of fresh air as it emerges from the amniotic sac.
The mother and other family members spread dirt and sand over the punctured sac so that the smell doesn’t escape and attract predators. Then the other and family work together to remove the sac and free the baby elephant up so that it can stand. Once the baby is out, it starts to wriggle its legs in the sand, trying to stand up on all fours.
Eventually, the baby is able to stand and starts taking its first steps. What an amazing moment captured on video!
[Source: Youtube]

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