Can Duct Tape Really Shut Your Mouth? Couple Investigates

We’ve all seen movies where the bad guys tape the hero’s mouth closed with duct tape in order to keep him quiet. Let’s see if that really works.

 Watch this duct tape challenge and finally get rid of your curiosity.

 This dude and his wife finds it hard to believe that people can’t get out of duct tape. Actually, I too find it annoying when movie or TV characters act like duct tape can really shut your mouth. But then, I have no way to find out it’s level of difficulty, like does it really prevent your mouth from creating noise? Now this couple, will demonstrate to us how duct taped mouth performs.

Their objective though is not to get out of the tape, but to be able to breath or call for help, and determine how long it takes. His wife covers his mouth with duct tape, watch the video to find out how it turns out.

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[Source: Youtube]

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