Deputy Asks God For A Sign. Then He Sees THIS In A Black Car And Knows...

SWAT Deputy Helps Deliver A Baby In A Gas Station Lot  By Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle

Every mom knows: When her water breaks at the end of her pregnancy, that baby isn’t waiting for anything or anyone if he or she wants to come into the world.

Moms have had to give birth in odd places, like bathroom or bedroom floors, or even by the side of the road. Can you imagine?!

Luckily, there have always been strangers there to help, even if they were just on the other end of a phone line.

SWAT Deputy Mark Diebold has been on the job for some years, and he says that nothing has ever scared him. He even adds that he could be on the verge of entering a house full of “bad guys” and not bat a lash, but it was the birth of a couple’s little girl that left him both in awe and in terror!

The deputy was about to pull over a big black car, but came at level with the driver, Caleb Hall, who revealed what was happening inside: His wife, Destiny, was about to give birth.

Both cars pulled into the parking lot of a gas station, where Diebold helped the mom give birth to a healthy baby girl.

Though the event may have frightened the tough deputy, he says it lifted his spirits, after spending the prior few days doubting his role as an officer. He asked God for a sign that he was meant to be a cop — and he got it in the form of a tiny newborn!

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