After Her Daughter Died, This Mom Decided To Share A Very Important Message

It’summer, 2014, and Lanna Hamann is spending a weekend vacation in Mexico. She’s with her parents and other friends. As fate would have it, this is Lanna’s last day alive. It’s so sad!

As the group went about having their fun on the beach, Lanna experienced a sudden cardiac arrest, and she died. Everyone was shocked by the tragic turn of events. Lanna was a perfectly healthy 16-year-old. She even played softball. So why would such a healthy person have a fatal heart-attack? Her mom, Kris, wanted to know, and she did!

Turns out, Lanna hadn’t been drinking anything except energy drinks all the while they vacationed. She was addicted to these sweet drinks, and that’s what caused her death. Her cardiac arrest was attributed to dehydration and the high sugar levels in the drinks. This is something that should never happen to anyone else, and that’s why this message needs to spread.

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