Daddy Asks Her To Sing A Famous Song For The Camera, But Never Expects THIS Response!

There are some kids who are seriously too cute to handle, and Josie is one of them. At the time, she was only 23 months old, but she already showed such musical prowess — and don’t even get me started on her enthusiasm when it comes to hamming it up for the camera.

The second her dad Eric requests her own unique rendition of the children’s classic “Old MacDonald,” Josie brings down the house. Holding her animal toy tightly in her arms (which helps inspire her lyrics), Eric also wants you to stick around for her “big finish.” And Dad’s totally right, her grand finale is so adorable. It’s no wonder this video has gone super viral, with more than eight million views and counting!

From kittens to dogs to ducks, it’s clear Josie has a flair for singing and a love of animals. I hope we see more of this little cutie pie soon! After all, her fans are waiting.

Video Credit: Eric Palonen (video owner) / YouTube
[Source: Youtube]

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