Dad Was Shocked By A Stranger's Insensitive Comment. Then, He Makes An Emotional Confession...

Forty-one-year-old Robb Scott is a loving father of two beautiful children. While at a local video store in Nova Scotia, Robb was shopping for a movie to watch with his children when he heard something starting.
As Robb was looking around at the various movies on display, he noticed a little boy pick up a film titled “Where Hope Grows.” The movie holds a special place in Robb’s heart as it revolves around a character with Down Syndrome – Robb’s 5-year-old son Turner has Down Syndrome.
As the little boy looked at the movie, he asked his father what Down Syndrome was. Robb, curious to the father’s response, listened intently. This is when things took an unexpected route.
Robb heard the man tell his son, “It’s an illness of people not knowing anything.”
Robb has a sudden urging to correct the father for his incorrect statement. Down Syndrome could not be explained like that, and it was such wrong thinking like this that causes many to overlook those with Down Syndrome. However, Robb kept silent. He didn’t want to perpetuate this ignorance, but he also didn’t want to be confrontational.
Instead, Robb left the video store and sat in his car. That’s when regret hit him. He felt terrible about not standing up for his son and all the other people affected by Down Syndrome. He took out his camera and recorded the video below…
Watch the video and hear what he has to say.
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